Treatments for Men

Anitas Health & Beauty Clinic in Antrim is a fully unisex clinic, offering full treatments and services to both men and woman.  We have included some of the more popular treatments with men below but please feel free to contact us or text us if you have any questions.

Male Laser Hair Removal Cost
Full Beard & Neck £120.00
Upper Cheeks £33.00
Front of Neck/Back of Neck £66.00
Ears or Nose £33.00
Male Face Tidy (upper cheeks, between brows, tip of nose, ears & nostrils) £66.00
Shoulders £100.00
Back of Neck £66.00
Full Back £200.00
Upper Chest £120.00
Abdomen £150.00
Chest & Abdomen £200.00
Male Body Waxing Cost
Arms £14.00
Chest Wax £16.00
Back £16.00
Back & Shoulders Wax £18.00
Chest & Shoulders £18.00

We also provide massage services for men, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.  Men can also enjoy our manicure or pedicure services by clicking HANDS or FEET