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Anti Stress Body Serum (Specifics. 301)

Description: Helps relieve underlying localised discomfort in muscles and joints. Relaxes and soothes areas of sensitivity. May be used on sore

Cellulite Body Serum (Specifics. 302)

Description: This body serum is beneficial for cellulite, fluid retention and areas of poor circulation. By improving circulation and eliminating toxins skin will

Elimination Body Serum (No.11)

Description: This body serum is designed to aid general elimination and fluid retention so can help with puffiness and bloating. By boosting the

Invigorating Body Serum (No.12)

Description: This essential oil serum is created specifically for boosting energy levels. It’s stimulating nature increases circulation helping increase oxygenation leading to

Relaxing Body Serum (No.10)

Description: This tried and tested formula ensures effective results for anyone  in need of deep relaxation. Helps relieve stress, tension and

Replenishing Body Serum (Specifics. 303)

Description: This potent blend of essential oils aids in tissue regeneration supporting the cell renewal cycle. Skin type/condition: Ideal for recent scar tissue,