Body Sugaring

Alexandria Professional is very proud to be pioneers of body sugaring hair removal.

The sugar paste is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and actually edible.

This is an ancient process turned into a modern day beauty industry miracle treatment for all men and woman.

Alexandria Professionals secret, one of a kind sugaring production process is only available through licensed practitioners trained by Linda Kennedy and her select group of educators.

10 Advantages of Advanced Body Sugaring

  • 100% Pure and natural
  • Not Hot
  • Water Soluble
  • Does not stick to skin
  • More cost effective
  • Never Dries
  • Will not break hairs
  • Sanitary
  • Extraction of small hairs
  • Leads to permanency
  • Prevents ingrown hairs

Bikini Tidy Up Sugaring (Outside Panty Line, 15 Minutes)
Brazilian Sugaring (Thin Strip, 15 Minutes)
California Bikini Sugaring (Very High, 15 Minutes)
Hollywood Bikini Sugaring (All Off, 30 Minutes)
Half Arm Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Full Arm Wax Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Under Arm Wax Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Lip Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Chin Wax Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Lip & Chin Wax Sugaring (15 Minutes)
Top Half of Chest Sugaring  (Male, 30 Minutes)
Chest Sugaring (Male, 30 Minutes)
Back Sugaring (Male, 30 Minutes)

The table below lists all the Treatments that we offer for Sugaring that are removed using a Wax-Strip.

Bottom Half Leg (15 Minutes)
Full Leg (30 Minutes)
Bikini Tidy up (Outside Panty line, 15 Minutes)
Brazilian Sugaring (Thin Strip, 15 Minutes)
California Bikini (Very High, 15 Minutes)
Hollywood Bikini (All Off, 30 Minutes)
Full Leg and Bikini Tidy Up (30 Minutes)
Full Leg and California (30 Minutes)
Full Leg and Brazilian (30 Minutes)
Full Leg and Hollywood (45 Minutes)
Under Arm (15 Minutes)
Lip (15 Minutes)
Chin (15 Minutes)
Lip and Chin (15 Minutes)