Body Waxing Treatments

Anita’s Health & Beauty Clinic has been providing waxing services in Antrim for many years and have over 40 years of combined experience.  We provide body waxing for all areas of the body including leg waxes, all kinds of bikini waxes as well as facial and arm waxing.  Our highly professional and trained staff will always ensure you are at ease in our beautiful salon.

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes hair from the root.  New hair will not grow back for 2-6 weeks.  Almost any area of the body can be waxed including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, back and abdomen.

We are a unisex salon and have a strong male client base. All of our customers can enjoy a discreet and professional treatment.  If you have any questions about our waxing treatments then please feel free to drop in and ask for some advice and we will gladly assist.

You can also take advantage of our texting service so even if you are at work or in a busy place, you can ask for advice or book your appointment with us.

PLEASE NOTE: Hair growth should be 4 weeks or longer, underarm need only be 2 weeks.

Bottom Half Leg Wax (15 Minutes)
Three Quarter Leg Wax (15 Minutes)
Top Half Leg Wax (15 Minutes)
Top Back Leg Wax ( 15 Minutes)
Full Leg Wax (30 Minutes)
Bikini Tidy Up (15 Minutes)
Brazilian Wax (Thin Strip, 15 Minutes)
California Bikini (Very high, 15 Minutes)
Hollywood Bikini (All Off, 30 Minutes)
G-String Area (15 Minutes)
Full Leg & Bikini Tidy Up (30 Minutes)
Full leg and California (30 Minutes)
Full Leg & Brazilian (30 Minutes)
Full Leg & Hollywood (45 Minutes)
Side of Face (From £4, 15 Minutes)
Half Arm (15 Minutes)
Full Arm Wax (15 Minutes)
Under Arm Wax (15 Minutes)
Abdomen Wax (15 Minutes)
Lip Wax (15 Minutes)
Neck Wax (15 Minutes)
Chin Wax (From £4.50, 15 minutes)
Lip & Chin Wax (15 Minutes)
Arms (Male, 15 Minutes)
Chest Wax (Male, 30 Minutes)
Back (Male, 30 Minutes)
Back & Shoulders Wax (Male, 30 Minutes)
Back & Shoulders Wax (Male, 30 Minutes)