Spray Tans (Holistic, No Smell)

To best prepare for your spray tan, be sure to exfoliate and moisturise your body for a couple of weeks at least.  On the morning of your spray tan exfoliate & wear loose clothing, avoiding jewellery and perfume if possible.

Anita’s Health and Beauty Clinic offers full body, half body and top up spray tans using the world renowned He-Shi professional products.  We also stock the latest products in the He – Shi and White to Brown range for retail.

This includes the 1 day tan for him & her from Hi – Shi.  This is a perfectly tinted wash-off bronzer which enhances your natural skin tones to give a flawless, natural golden glow.

Or why not refresh and rejunenate your skin with whitetobrown self tan.  This rich smooth cream gives the whole body a deep, long-lasting golden tan that develops in hours and lasts for days.

White to Brown Tan

An ultra-hydrating tan that creates a smooth, natural tan giving you a healthy glow.  The delicately balanced blend of ingredients deliver a streak-free colour, leaving your skin velvety smooth.

Tanning Tips

Exfoliate your skin with Whitetobrown exfoliate, which removes any dead skin cells so that the tan develops on the newest, freshest layer of skin.  This ensures that the tan lasts longer and it will develop more evenly.

To maintain your tan, use Whitetobrown Extend.  It nourishes the skin, enhancing the golden glow leaving the skin beautifully brown for longer.

The Whitetobrown body wash is pH balanced to help your tan last longer and is perfect for cleansing and hydrating your skin.

Treatment Cost
Half Body (15 Minutes) £15.00
Full Body (15 Minutes) £20.00
Top-Up Half Body (within 4-7 days, 15 Minutes) £10.00
Top-Up Full Body (within 4-7 days, 15 Minutes) £10.00