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Totally Derma®


Results-Driven Formula

An evidence-based, pro-ageing nutraceutical collagen supplement for complete collagen production, maintenance and repair from within, for an integrated, long-term health approach to skin and body regeneration.

Smoother, more hydrated skin

Totally Derma® contains high amounts of collagen amino acid peptides, hyaluronic acid and other synergistic co-factors which are distributed via the blood vessels into the deep layer of the skin, the dermis, where they stimulate fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid.It takes around 3 weeks to see and feel hydration in the skin.

Improvement in Wrinkles

Collagen and Hyaluronic acid are being effectively absorbed when ingested and lead to increased levels of collagen and HA in the skin, visible anti-ageing effects and an improved overall skin texture. It takes about 8 weeks to see physical signs of wrinkle reduction in the skin.

Joints feel Better

The Totally Derma® formulation is designed to reduce inflammation and support joint function. Inside the body, increased collagen and hyaluronic acid production means that stiff joints will become more flexible and comfortable, making this a great supplement for general health and fitness minded men and women.

Hair and Nail Improvement

In a 12-week clinical trial using Totally Derma®, the participants reported improvements with longer, stronger, hair and nails in about 6 weeks. One woman reported a month after the trial that she could now see new hair growth in an area of previous temporal hair loss, consistent with hormonal changes and female pattern baldness.
12 Week Clinical Absorption Skin Trial
Year of study
12 weeks
This study aimed to assess the absorption levels of the key components of Totally Derma® Nutraceutical Drink Supplement formulation – collagen and HA – in the blood and skin, and to evaluate its effect on skin texture following everyday use of the beverage for 12 weeks.
Test product usage and ingredients One serving (approximately 12g) of the formulation mixed with 250 ml water or juice to be consumed daily, preferably before sleep, contains:
  • 10,000 mg Arthred® hydrolysed collagen
  • 210mg Synovoderma® HA powder (9%minHA)
  • Synergistic co-factor ingredients: vitamin C (ascorbic acid, 250 mg), grape seed extract (160 mg), green tea extract (160 mg), alpha lipoic acid (60 mg), zinc citrate (5 mg), manganese citrate (3 mg), copper bisglycinate (0.33 mg)
Study design and subjects
  • This was a 12-week usage study assessing the absorption of daily Totally Derma® Nutraceutical Drink Supplement ingestion, by examining absorption levels of the key ingredients, collagen and hyaluronic acid, in blood serum and skin biopsies.
  • Study Population: 6 women aged 46–65 years with mild to moderate general facial lines and coarse wrinkles in the eye area, skin dehydration and mottled pigmentation on the face. Subjects continued their regular skin care regimen alongside consumption of the nutraceutical beverage.
  • Blood serum was assessed at baseline (fasting) and 2 hours after beverage consumption for levels of hydroxyproline (as a marker for collagen serum absorption) and HA.
  • Skin biopsies from non-sun exposed skin (hip region) were collected at baseline and after 12 weeks of daily use of the drink supplement, and were sectioned and stained for hematoxylin and eosin (H&E, control) and for the following markers:
    • Elastin as a marker for collagen absorption
    • Colloidal iron as a marker for HA absorption
  • Visia Skin Analysis Machine facial assessment at baseline and 12 weeks
  • Retrospective self-reporting questionnaire
This study confirms that the key components of the formulation of Totally Derma®Nutraceutical Drink Supplement, collagen and HA, are being effectively absorbed when ingested and lead to increased levels of collagen and HA in the skin, visible anti-ageing effects and an improved overall skin texture. The markedly elevated blood serum levels of hydroxyproline following ingestion of the beverage show impressive collagen absorption levels. The formulation of Totally Derma® Nutraceutical Drink Supplement was well tolerated and highly rated by the study group who all observed improvements in their skin. This study supports the notion that ingesting specific ingredients can result in an anti-ageing and ‘health-boosting’ effect on the skin. Furthermore, oral nutraceutical supplementation appears promising for skin rejuvenation. The right balance of specific, optimal quality and high purity ingredients is crucial. The specifi c formulation of Totally Derma® Nutraceutical Drink Supplement works from within to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen, elastin and HA, thus addressing the underlying physiological skin ageing process to help restore the look and feel of youthful skin.